TATIANA KUUMOLA, CEO of Moonbits Consulting

TATIANA KUUMOLA, CEO of Moonbits Consulting

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My name is Tatiana Kuumola I’m a digital marketing professional with a passion for getting results. I founded Moonbits Consulting to offer my services to small business and help them grow internationally through effective digital marketing.

I love developing strategy, creating online campaigns and diving deep into marketing data, analyzing and finding actionable insights. I also have hands-on experience in business development and relationship management in international settings. I bring an international perspective and experience developed through working and studying in Europe and Asia, and am able to work fluently in English, Russian and Chinese languages. I combine all of my experience to help your businesses grow internationally.

Moonbits Consulting services suit best for

Companies that need someone to manage their online marketing on part-time or project basis. My clients are a mix of SMEs, start-ups and freelancers.

Moonbits Consulting way of working

For any one-off project such as market research, continuous marketing support such as pay-per click campaign management, we’ll agree how many hours I’ll work for you to complete the agreed tasks in order to meet your goals.